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Overcome swimming sunken feet

You used to think that you swim very well. The elbow fan is high and has 90 degrees, the arms are in the air like a pro, the swimming moves look so powerful. Or on a beautiful day, you decide not to swim and look forward, but look at the bottom of the lake. And […]

Practice drills to improve technique and swim faster

Contrary to many other sports, with swimming, strength alone is not enough but technique plays a particularly important role. If you find that when you run or ride a bike, just increase the power or frequency and immediately improve your speed. That may not happen at all when you swim. With bad technique, even if […]

Kayaking sport – Enjoy every level of nature’s emotions

This sport offers players a very unique experience. Sometimes we face the ferocity of a fierce waterfall, sometimes let ourselves drift along with the calm water. Kayaking is like an addictive food for all the young dynamic people who have ever tried it. Kayak has a small structure, slim for 1 person to sit, and […]

Italy beaten defending champions Hungary in water handball

The Italian team defeated the defending Olympic water polo champions, Hungary. With a score of 11-9 in the quarterfinals in a dramatic match. The defending world champion Italy proved completely overwhelming before the 9-time Olympic champion team, Hungary. Hungary’s ambition to win the fourth consecutive Olympic gold medal has been suppressed after 3 defeats in […]

Scuba diving – the mysterious water sport

The sport of scuba diving began to attract many participants as an interesting way of entertainment and also a way to train bravery to deal with danger. Although it takes a lot of time to practice and prepare for a few minutes of ocean exploration, those who have loved this subject all think it is […]

Swimming – the perfect sport

Summer, swimming season, is coming. Let’s try to find out how to get the most out of the health and mental benefits of this sport. That’s as well as what to keep in mind while practicing! Swimming requires movement of all major muscle groups and works on all different parts of the body. Instead of […]

Underwater aerobic helps women relieve pain when they give birth to a baby

The study was conducted on 71 pregnant women before the 20th week of pregnancy. These women have no regular exercise routine. The researchers randomly assigned 34 women and let them take an underwater aerobic exercise. They practice 50 minutes for 3 days once week. The remaining 37 women in the study group did not do […]

Going to the pool not just to swim – Try water sports

What do people go to the pool for? Of course, to swim, get fit. However, except swimming, there are many other interesting activities that you should do at the pool. Swimming Competition is the simplest game. Everyone will take turns jumping into the pool. The one who makes the most leap-taking jump will win the […]

How to swim the right technique for newbies

Swimming properly will bring swimmers a lot of good effects on health. Swimming every day is like exercising with great intensity, very good for the body. Taking 30-40 minutes a day for standard striding swimming. You will notice that your body is healthier and more supple. A good stride swimming method will help the learner’s […]

Why do people love rowing so much

Exercising daily not only helps you feel healthier but it also has many interesting water sports. One of the new and exciting sports is Rowing. Are you curious about Rowing, what Rowing is and what interesting things to practice in this subject. Please join us to answer these questions. This is a class that requires […]