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Kayaking for Beginners: What to Know Before You Go

Nowadays Kayaking has been designed for recreation around lakes, white-water rivers, and seas. It is made from fiberglass, wood and molded plastic. The heart of kayaking is paddling. It means that when you can pad kayaks moving, you can handle it smoothly. Although it has simple rule, it is not easy for beginners. The following […]

How to Kayak- Have you ever tried it

Kayaking is a newly extreme water sport which has just been popular recently. Enjoying Kayak, you can be free to discover landscape around the sea, the river or cave by yourself. It makes your trip perfect and meaningful. To join Kayak safely, you need to know how to Kayak. This article will instruct you detail […]

Quick information about surfing

Overview Surfing is known as a water sport when you have to ride breaking waves toward the shore on a surfboard. Surfing is popular in the summer along the big beach. You can combine your vacation and playing surfing. Sure that it’s a wonderful summer trip. History Surfing has origin from Hawaii and Polynesia where […]

List of famous swimmer of all time

(Part 2 and the conclusion) 5/ Janet Evans   She is one of the best successful woman in swimming. So she also proves that girls or woman can’t reach the top in league compared with boys or man. When she was 16 years old, she started to learn swimming. To assure her ability, she broke […]

List of famous swimmer of all time

It’s hard to say who the best excellent athlete of all time is. Depending on feature and rule of per tournament, we can find other talented swimmer. But we can see top the famous swimmer of all time by narrowing down list. No doubt that a few stand-out swimmers are both professional in swimming and […]

Health Benefits of Water Sports

Water sports are very popular because not only it helps you more relaxing in the summer but also it brings many health benefits for players. In most cases, the environment of water sports is taken action outside or very closer to the nature like surfing in the sea, swimming in the water so on. It’s […]

Top 5 surf watersports you should try at least one

Surfing is one of the most favorite watersport of all age. However the summer or the winter, many people are interesting in riding breaking waves toward the shore by surfboard. This feeling is really amazing and wonderful when you are enjoying among the large ocean. There are some other kinds of surfing. We are sharing […]

Swimming- the most popular water sport

As a common sense, swimming is the most popular sport for people in over the world. No matter about weather or climate, you still choose swimming every day. Furthermore, swimming is a soft skill when you have to face problems from the water Because swimming brings many benefits from fitness to physical health and mental, […]

Incredible about water sports

Water sports include in different types which demand different skill and method. However they are activities in water, especially become more suitable in summer vacation. Imagine that you are so relaxing and fresh in the deep blue water and sometimes cool wind blows your hair. It’s perfect for your trips with water sports Following the article, […]

Necessary skills you must know for surfing

Surfing is one of the most exciting water sports, but at the same time, it also requires high-level and difficult skills. However, with frequent practice and immense passion, you can surely master this sport and become skillful. So what are the most necessary skills that a surfing goer must have? Let’s fins out them in […]