Exercising daily not only helps you feel healthier but it also has many interesting water sports. One of the new and exciting sports is Rowing. Are you curious about Rowing, what Rowing is and what interesting things to practice in this subject. Please join us to answer these questions.

This is a class that requires extreme training and participating athletes must train in inclement weather. Rowing athletes use muscles almost the whole body when sailing. Most commonly used are the hands, feet and back muscles with a combination of limbs and must be done a lot.

So this is the sport that requires the most physical strength in the sport. Rowing is one of 5 water sports, the sport is practiced in groups so it develops team communication skills. You want to practice Rowing but maybe you do not know the techniques of Rowing? Here are some boating methods and techniques.

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The distance between your hands when holding the paddle handle is approximately the width of your shoulder. If you leave the gap too wide you can have strong rowing force but will quickly tire. If the distance between your hands is too narrow, then there is a high probability that you will not have any force in the steps.

First turn when performing the rowing step, lower the paddle into the water from one side of the boat. If you place the oar blade to the left, the left shoulder is tilted toward the bow.

First lean the boat on one side while still balancing comfort. Stretching your arms forward, place the paddle’s tongue in the water closest to you to perform sweeping.

Surely many people do not know the reason why so many people love Rowing. Coming to Rowing, anyone can play this sport. It does not distinguish only rich people can play. A special feature is the team sport, it shows the team spirit of the player. Therefore, it should attract many teams to participate.

Moreover, Rowing sport does not need to invest in yard or elaborate competition outfit. It only needs 2 elements: boat and water. Playing this sport you learn sailing techniques and it me up for you a toned body. What is more interesting when floating on the water is good for health.