There are a vast variety of water sports. As indicated by its name, these are sports which have something to do with water. Let’s have a look at the most common water sports which one should try at least once in their lifetime.


This activity is undoubtedly the most popular water sport. Practised around the world for centuries, it is known to test your physical endurance, your respiration and your fitness. Being a very recreational activity as well, swimming competitions exist all over the world.


Facing the wave, the surfer rides a surfboard, alongside the shore. This sport requires maintaining balance and a specific posture, to avoid falling down.


Windsurfing combines sailing and surfing techniques. The windsurfer moves forwards following the waves’ movement. Here, a surfboard is also used on which there is a sail fixed to it.

Jet Skiing

Jet skiers use a watercraft machine to race over water, making freestyle moves such as flipping or jumping over a ramp.


Inspired by snowboarding, wakeboarding involves surfers being towed along by unique boats. Riding at a very high speed, sometimes, they feel as though they are flying above the water.

Water Skiing

Basically, it is like skiing but on a water surface instead. Similar to wakeboarding, the skier is pulled by a high-speed boat.


This involves racing, swimming, cycling and running a certain distance. The racers need strength and endurance to complete each section.


Here, the surfer is pulled by a kite and stands on a surfboard. This requires a minimum of training, and there are some regulations to follow to enjoy it fully.


Bodyboarding is practised on the surface of the water. The material used here depends on the height, the weight and the style of the rider. While riding a bodyboard, the surfer is carried towards the shore by the waves.