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Overcome swimming sunken feet

You used to think that you swim very well. The elbow fan is high and has 90 degrees, the arms are in the air like a pro, the swimming moves look so powerful. Or on a beautiful day, you decide not to swim and look forward, but look at the bottom of the lake. And […]

Practice drills to improve technique and swim faster

Contrary to many other sports, with swimming, strength alone is not enough but technique plays a particularly important role. If you find that when you run or ride a bike, just increase the power or frequency and immediately improve your speed. That may not happen at all when you swim. With bad technique, even if […]

Swimming – the perfect sport

Summer, swimming season, is coming. Let’s try to find out how to get the most out of the health and mental benefits of this sport. That’s as well as what to keep in mind while practicing! Swimming requires movement of all major muscle groups and works on all different parts of the body. Instead of […]

How to swim the right technique for newbies

Swimming properly will bring swimmers a lot of good effects on health. Swimming every day is like exercising with great intensity, very good for the body. Taking 30-40 minutes a day for standard striding swimming. You will notice that your body is healthier and more supple. A good stride swimming method will help the learner’s […]

The reason why you should choose swimming for a water sport

Swimming is always the best water sport for all ages. Any the hot summer or cold winter, people can enjoy swimming at anywhere with water. It can be swimming pool, the lake or even the ocean. This article will share top the main reasons why swimming is the best choice for your outside activity in […]