You used to think that you swim very well. The elbow fan is high and has 90 degrees, the arms are in the air like a pro, the swimming moves look so powerful.

Or on a beautiful day, you decide not to swim and look forward, but look at the bottom of the lake. And you will suddenly see your toes swinging behind.

Do not be too scared, you are only among the majority of people who suffer from sinking or sinking feet when swimming. If you are a runner with high muscle density, muscular and muscular tendons. The fact that you do not have the buoyancy of the legs is understandable.

Because your legs have no fat at all and this belongs to your human organs. However, there is still a way to help your legs float more is to improve the leg beat technique, making the beater more effective. Of course it will float a lot more.

If you swim weak and uncomfortable to breathe, you will always have a tendency to raise your head higher in the hope. That you will be able to inhale more oxygen.

However, our body is no different from a seesaw, with one high head and the opposite end will sink. So what we need to do is to lower our heads, which will help lift the legs. Think about it while swimming to remind yourself to keep your head low.

Unless you tilt your body and head to take a breath, for the rest of the swim cycle you should look directly at the bottom of the pool. Which is the point of your eye 90 degrees to the bottom of the tank.

Your lungs are on your back. When you inhale, the area around your chest and back will be the best buoyancy at that time. Now think of the seesaw like I said above.