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Kayaking sport – Enjoy every level of nature’s emotions

This sport offers players a very unique experience. Sometimes we face the ferocity of a fierce waterfall, sometimes let ourselves drift along with the calm water. Kayaking is like an addictive food for all the young dynamic people who have ever tried it. Kayak has a small structure, slim for 1 person to sit, and […]

Kayaking for Beginners: What to Know Before You Go

Nowadays Kayaking has been designed for recreation around lakes, white-water rivers, and seas. It is made from fiberglass, wood and molded plastic. The heart of kayaking is paddling. It means that when you can pad kayaks moving, you can handle it smoothly. Although it has simple rule, it is not easy for beginners. The following […]

How to Kayak- Have you ever tried it

Kayaking is a newly extreme water sport which has just been popular recently. Enjoying Kayak, you can be free to discover landscape around the sea, the river or cave by yourself. It makes your trip perfect and meaningful. To join Kayak safely, you need to know how to Kayak. This article will instruct you detail […]