Kayaking is a newly extreme water sport which has just been popular recently. Enjoying Kayak, you can be free to discover landscape around the sea, the river or cave by yourself. It makes your trip perfect and meaningful.

To join Kayak safely, you need to know how to Kayak. This article will instruct you detail

Above all, you should prepare enough kayaking gear before starting Kayak journey. It includes proper clothing, swimwear or shorts, neoprene footwear and first-aid kit (such as signaling whistle, watch, headlamp and dry bags for things to avoid wet)


Step 1: Find a good place to get into your Kayak

You should look for a good area where to enter the water. It should be calm water without strong waves and no rocks in shallow water.

You can make reference reviews for suitable Kayak places.

Step 2: Set up the Kayak in the water

Firstly, sliding it into the water with the bow carefully and slowly. It is the front. Then place your hand firmly on the stern on the back and adjust loop and position the kayak to stand up in enough water.

This step is really important to settle balance of the Kayak so you should set it carefully under guideline.

Step 3: Approach the Kayak

The next, you sit down at firmed position. Then you handle paddle in a hand and walk along the side of the kayak up to the cockpit. When touching the cockpit, you start to use two hand to move paddle.

Please remember that your paddle has to be perpendicular to the boat just behind the seat and against the cockpit. This is correct position.

Step 4: Enjoying the Kayak journey

When you are steady the kayak, let’s start your journey in a suitable level. Need to be carefully about speed and distance to limit risk and danger.