This sport offers players a very unique experience. Sometimes we face the ferocity of a fierce waterfall, sometimes let ourselves drift along with the calm water. Kayaking is like an addictive food for all the young dynamic people who have ever tried it.

Kayak has a small structure, slim for 1 person to sit, and can be used entirely by human power. Initially, Kayaks were used by Eskimo fishermen to hunt sea and whales. But over time, Kayaks developed into a popular sport in the modern world nowadays.

Using the paddle to glide on the water, the Kayak is not too noisy like other motor boats, it gives players a feeling of enjoying each paddle. The posture of sitting on the boat is also somewhat different, you are located close to the water so you can easily feel the bounce of each wave.

The interesting point of Kayak is that, you can immerse yourself in the sky and watch the natural scenery in your own way. Players can row out to the middle of the river by themselves or sneak into each corner. You can explore the river in their own way or simply enjoy the feeling of peace.

The attraction of Kayak over the falls is also that players have the feeling of conquering nature when overcoming a fierce wave. That’s just as when they overcome a challenge in life. Not only that, kayaking also helps players get a supple health, a more ideal body because rowing movements increase the endurance of the body.

Kayak has a small design, narrow, can seat one or more people. The rowers will steer the boat together so that the boat goes straight or through some terrain.

Kayaking is not a difficult sport but it requires quite a lot of essentials from the player. To resist water resistance, you need to be resilient and supple. To steer the boat in the right direction, you and your teammates need to have a good coordination.

Although kayaking is not difficult, it may hinder some people from making unnecessary mistakes. It is these errors that cause the rower to feel tired of hands, leg pain, back pain and paddle not far away. You need to be aware of these errors for better sailing.