Nowadays Kayaking has been designed for recreation around lakes, white-water rivers, and seas. It is made from fiberglass, wood and molded plastic.

The heart of kayaking is paddling. It means that when you can pad kayaks moving, you can handle it smoothly. Although it has simple rule, it is not easy for beginners. The following will teach you how to know before kayaking safe.

1/ About Kayaking equipment

Kayaks: there are many kinds of kayaks. But the most popular kayak is three paddler kayak. Depending on places kayaking, you should choose shape and materials properly. It helps your travel to become safer.

Kayak paddles: It’s better to take some consideration before choosing a paddle. A suitable kayak helps you to handle next steps easily.

Before you go, you should prepare carefully equipment, including in: life vest or floatation devices, helmet which is extremely important to come over rocky waters safety or dry bag which is useful to keep your belongings dry.

2/ About learning how to Kayak

You should improve basic paddling and safety techniques before going Kayak. So your travel become safe and comfortable when all risk or danger is in your hand.

You can join a training course or s find a skilled instructor to learn faster.

Also remember that you should start kayaking by getting in and out of kayak then doing it on more difficult environments.

3/ About paddling techniques

First, you should keep the boat and your position stable. Only when you feel comfortable, you are confident in moving padding.

There are several ways to do padding. You can use it as a rudder and drag it close to the kayak. It is the easiest way. Then you use technique to move padding forward momentum. It can be a sweep stroke from one side to others. Continue this rule to create a wide arc turn.