Summer, swimming season, is coming. Let’s try to find out how to get the most out of the health and mental benefits of this sport. That’s as well as what to keep in mind while practicing!

Swimming requires movement of all major muscle groups and works on all different parts of the body. Instead of having to do many separate exercises for each body part, swimming helps you put them into one.

swimming pool

On the other hand, due to the resistance of water, any movement you make in the water requires a lot more effort than you would in the air. Which consumes more energy. So, the rhythmic coordination of the muscle groups is the most comprehensive exercise you need to have a well-proportioned and toned figure.

The buoyancy helps the body to float in water, burdens the bones and joints. Hence swimming is very useful for those with knee and lower back pain.

Water pressure stimulates blood vessels to help blood flow better, breathing becomes easier. It also has the effect of relieving fatigue. Water temperature helps the body temperature easily decrease so the calorie consumption will be high, effective in losing weight.

Swimming is classified under the group of active oxygen. This type of moderate and moderate intensity exercise, during the exercise must ensure deep breathing to provide enough oxygen to the body.

The collected oxygen will be used to “burn” excess fat in the body and create motor energy. So in middle-aged subjects, poor metabolic function began. Even if you eat less fat and still get high cholesterol, swimming is a highly recommended sport.

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When we exercise in water, we tend to inhale a lot, such exercise will gradually increase the living capacity of the lungs. The high living capacity of the lungs means that during other life activities, we will also become more resilient.

If you can swim regularly in the sea, you will find your chestnut skin improved significantly over time. Natural salt water helps to detoxify the skin. It will give you a smooth, healthy skin.