Swimming is always the best water sport for all ages. Any the hot summer or cold winter, people can enjoy swimming at anywhere with water. It can be swimming pool, the lake or even the ocean.

This article will share top the main reasons why swimming is the best choice for your outside activity in the water.

Swimming is a full body workout.

As the basic rule, swimming requires you to move all the muscles in the body so it boosts your full body active fluently in swimming process. Furthermore, some surveys point out that one exercise with swimming in 30 minutes is equal to 45 minutes for the same activity on land. By special way, it is the best way to stay fit and healthy for a mental outlook.

Swimming is great for general well being.

Swimming makes your mind comfortable and balanced after stress or pressure from issues around your life. Hence, only if you have 30 minutes for three times a week with swimming, it’s better to access positive thinking and happy emotion to solve any trouble.

When you feel conscious, you can give solution better and effectively.

Swimming is to reduce stresses and relax for your mind.

According to a general well being benefit, swimming helps to reduce stresses, anxiety and depression. Thanks to relaxing for your mind, it impacts on your sleep patterns.

 Swimming can burn more calories.

Proved that swimming is one of the most effective sport to burn calories effectively without worried feeling. As theory of swimming, you have to use all muscles to move in the water therefore you are impacting to make more secure for body. You don’t feel pressure because you have to use muscle to swim.

On average, in haft an hour can burn over 200 calories which is double than walking.