Contrary to many other sports, with swimming, strength alone is not enough but technique plays a particularly important role. If you find that when you run or ride a bike, just increase the power or frequency and immediately improve your speed.

That may not happen at all when you swim. With bad technique, even if you increase the fan frequency, increase the fan force and beat your feet, you can still find yourself sinking and ending.

Why is this the most important technique? As mentioned in the article The Only Secret to Fast Swim, there are two factors that determine how to swim fast. It is increased thrust and reduced drag.

All swimming mistakes such as sinking feet, head high, legs shrinking, feet pickaxes are packed into a single fault. It is the 3 H Head – Hip – Heel axis that is not in line, leading to great drag, making you not only tired but still slow.

You wear a propeller, one hand in front of one hand down the lap of the body so that the shoulder on the thigh is above the water. Your body swims at an angle of 45 to 90 degrees, and your hips are at the same angle. The top of the head floats across the water, the eyes looking at the lake bottom.

Developed from side kick. You keep your hands down, turn from 45 degrees to the right to 45 degrees to the left and repeat repeatedly. Continue to imagine the skewer going through your 3 H’s.

That’s as you rotate check to see if the 3 points are still on your bevel. The top of the head is forced to lie on the water surface so that when you rotate your breath you can get air instead of drinking water. These are two of the many drills that you will learn to improve body posture in the UK swimming class.