The sport of scuba diving began to attract many participants as an interesting way of entertainment and also a way to train bravery to deal with danger. Although it takes a lot of time to practice and prepare for a few minutes of ocean exploration, those who have loved this subject all think it is completely worth it. The feeling of weightless freedom when exploring the magical underwater world makes many visitors always excited to go to the sea when the opportunity arises.

Because scuba diving is an extreme sport, participants are always required to undergo training. According to the division of professional divers, this sport is divided into two divisions, freedive and scuba.

Freedive means that the diver has absolutely no support from underwater breathing equipment. Freedive requires the player to practice hard and properly according to the coach’s instructions to improve their ability to hold their breath and withstand the pressure of going down deeply.

The scuba is a scuba diving, which is understood to be an aid in underwater breathing. Equipping a scuba diver in addition to things like freedive comes with a buoyancy balancer, breathing equipment and an oxygen tank.

Currently, many courageous tourists also have night diving animals. At night, the diver does not go fast and far, just sticking to the sea floor, looking at the compass, looking at the flashlight to see which creature, then see that creature.

However, this is the time when all kinds of fish are asleep, so they stand still for visitors to watch freely. The limitation of night diving is limited, so visitors can easily bump into rocks and get injured.

One of the biggest challenges in scuba diving is depth. For the first time diving, at a depth of about 5 meters, you will start to feel shortness of breath, earache and easily panic to want to rise.

Although the coach has told them very carefully that if you feel short of breath or pain in your ears, you will rise up a little and then slowly dive, you just have to go up and down a few times to get used to the water pressure. However, in a panic, few people diving for the first time remember this.