The study was conducted on 71 pregnant women before the 20th week of pregnancy. These women have no regular exercise routine. The researchers randomly assigned 34 women and let them take an underwater aerobic exercise. They practice 50 minutes for 3 days once week. The remaining 37 women in the study group did not do any exercise.

If you don’t like yoga, try swimming or aerobic underwater. Swimming will increase muscle strength and stamina. Water buoyancy will also be good for your stomach by the end of your pregnancy.


You can swim until you give birth. And some women also choose to give birth underwater. A swimming class with other women can inspire you to share more.

Intense aerobic exercise does not have any effect on the time or form of delivery a woman will experience. There was, however, an impressive difference in the need for analgesia injections among these women.

Among those who do not do aerobic exercise, two-thirds of women require an epidural anesthetic injection to reduce pain at birth. But of the women who participated in the exercise, only 27 percent of people asked for medication.

Although the scale of the study is not large. But researchers have noted that underwater aerobic exercise will help pregnant mothers better prepare themselves both physically and mentally.

The biggest problem that arises in the study is that about one-third of women in the aerobic group had to quit taking part in training classes. Because time they do not allow. Due to difficulties in caring for children and some other issues, it is very difficult for them to attend the training course.

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Besides that, swimming and aerobics are also recommended exercises for pregnant women.

Swimming is one of the great body exercises. This is also an effective therapy for pregnant women who have body aches. Because water will help reduce pressure on the legs and back. At the same time it reduces fatigue and enhances relaxation.