What do people go to the pool for? Of course, to swim, get fit. However, except swimming, there are many other interesting activities that you should do at the pool.

Swimming Competition is the simplest game. Everyone will take turns jumping into the pool. The one who makes the most leap-taking jump will win the war.

If you love football or handball, you will love water polo. Rules of water ball similar to football.

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Formally, the water ball has two teams playing. Each team has seven players. Including a goalkeeper to protect the golf. The team that scores the most points into the opponent’s goal, that team will win.

This is a high team game. If you often play football with friends, swimming and water polo can be an alternative to add to the fun of life. Volleyball is not just played in stadiums and on beaches. Playing volleyball on water will make a great experience for you.

Basketball is a favorite sport for many boys. When playing on water, you only need a simple kit: nets and balls. Swimming art is a professional sport, with a combination of excellent swimming techniques and flexible movements, soft.

One of the challenges when participating in this sport is the art of keeping your breath under water. So art swimming is not a sport for everyone.

However, going to the pool and watching the athletes swim art is still a hobby of many people.

Relaxing and chatting with friends on the Pool Chair is a very interesting and interesting activity if you come to the pool.

At this time, you not only have time to relax, but also connect with your friends and relatives. In particular, the conversation on the pool chair is indispensable if you are trying to “get acquainted” with a certain girl or guy.

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Next time you go to the pool, get ready for some casual chats. If you have the opportunity, you should try to admire this art of “Underwater Ballet”.

Above are the activities you can participate in at the pool, to go swimming no longer becomes boring. In particular, the pool is also an opportunity for you to expand relationships and find many new happiness. It can all start with a casual chat on a sun lounger.