In Tobago, people stick their lives with warm water of the Caribbean. Therefore, with water sports, this is a great place to go and try. Furthermore, this is also the destination for tourism and other water-related activities which bring fun for your trip and the enjoyable time here. So what are the best water sports to try in Tobago?

The first name must be included in this list is Sailing. It depends on the wind condition and the coastline of where you are visiting that you can decide if it is a wise choice to sail. The north of the island is suitable for any starter, but the choppy windward side should only be for professionals.


The best time for sailing in Tobago is from December to May with strong and consistent wind. The great places for sailing in Tobago is the Bucco reef protected area and the Bon Accord lagoon nearby. Beginners can feel free to start their sailing here without worrying about any danger.

Besides sailing, it is also a wise suggestion for kitesurfing in Tobago. Pigeon Point, again is an ideal place for kitesurfing, thanks to the good wind there. In addition to the terrace and wind condition, this is also the place with clear and shallow water, which is safe for beginners and easier for instructors to start with guides clearly and thoroughly. It does not take a long time for you to learn the necessary skills of this sport. Just decide which speed is good for you and wait until you catch a goo wind to start surfing.

Of course, you should never skip scuba diving in Tobago. This is famous for being the destination of scuba diving, with more than 60 dive sites, among the best places for diving in Caribbean. There are tremendous levels for scuba divers, from shallow-reef dives to a deep diving which requires more equipment and techniques.

Are you ready to explore Tobago and enjoy the best water sports with great experiences here? It is the high time to start your journey and make good memories here!