Sports play an important role in growth both mental and spirit. So, everyone should enjoy at least one sport daily. Some people prefer to playing water sports such as swimming, scuba diving, skateboarding so on. They worry that they can’t continue it in the winter.

In this article, we will discuss top water sports for the winter and summer. If you are finding a water sport, this article is great reference to start a good habit.

1/ Iceboating

This sport is a favorite sport for the winter when you are sailing in the ice. The fact that iceboats work the same as sailboats when you use thin blades to move on the ice. It’s not easy when you need to combine skills of skiing on the snow and sailing on the river.

During the history, this sport is only applied for athletes due to complicated skills. Since the Poughkeepsie Ice Yacht Club was founded, this sport has become popular with everyone.

2/ Ice diving

Scuba diving has become famous for many people recently. You can discover beauty of coral reefs, sea turtles or tropical fish which are natural and beautiful in the sea. Ice diving will bring new experience for diving in the marine in the cool.

Drivers need wearing dry suits and equipping accessories like scuba diving. In general, it is more complicated than other type of diving. To have enough requirements for ice diving, you have to enroll one Ice diver course and receive certificates accordingly. Assure that ice diving can make more interesting experience about the life in marine in the winter.

3/ Snow-kiting

This sport means that you take a kiteboard to move this slope to other slopes. Sometimes it is compared with surfing on snow. But you have to use a kiteboard for moving. In general, it is more complicated and difficult than traditional skiing.