When referring to water sport, we can list series like: swimming, scuba diving, surfing or snorkeling so on. It is a truth that almost water sport is on the sea. This is great space to enjoy water sport.

This article will discuss some water sports in the beach you should enjoy when going to the sea.

1/ Paddle-boarding

If you like canoeing and surfing, this sport is great choice. To ride waves on surfboards smoothly, you have to use an oar to steer it on the sea water.

This sport helps you to stay fit well because you use muscles down and up continuously.

2/ Scuba diving

We can’t miss scuba diving in top water sport in beach, if not it is a big pity.

Scuba diving becomes popular and developing with high service because people are interested in discovering the new life in the marine by themselves.

Because scuba diving require complicated skills about deep diving as well equipment, you have intended to enjoy a little something in marine, you should prefer snorkeling or diving. It’s better when you only need to remember some basic movement and breathing in water.

3/ Body Surfing

It is a version of surfing. But it is amazing when you ride waves without any boards or motored equipment. There are 3 ways to ride body surfing.

First, it’s the windmill: you place one arm in front of your face while using another arm to ride waves.

Second, it’s the handcuffs: you place your two arms straightly in front of your face and keep your wrists together powerfully.

The last, it’s the bullet: you keep your arms tightly in your side then steering by your head to ride waves.

Depending your favorite, you can use one of three above ways for body surfing. Enjoying all body in the cold water in the hot season, it’s a good ideal to explore our life.