Water sports become popular with all walk of life, from kids to the young or adult, they like joining water sports, especially in the summer.

We can’t deny great benefits from water sports. Besides it, it still exits some dangers and risks for players. In this article, we will share top the most dangerous water sports in the world now. If you care about your health, you should take care of these following sports or even avoid it to protect your life safety.

1/ Cliff Jumping– Tombstoning

For someone, this sport is extremely adventurous and appealing when you jump from the cliff into the sea. Actually, it is competitive and dangerous because you can’t control bad conditions happen during the jumping process such as the level of wind, rain or any obstacles on your jumping road. Furthermore, there are much other problem under the water such as rocks, cliffs or water depths which you can’t see and solve fluently. Therefore, others consider that cliff jumping is the most dangerous water sport.

However, this sport is still loved by some crazy players. There are some famous spots for cliff jumping in recommendation like: Hawaii, Jamaica, Australia and Switzerland.

2/ Whitewater Rafting

For some people of all ages with good physical abilities, they prefer to get new experience in whitewater rafting. Actually this sport is popular with many people for decades recently.

But whitewater rafting is on the list for an extreme and dangerous water sport all the time. There are much serious injuries and even deaths happened during the whitewater rafting. The danger can be from drowning of not experienced swimmer, hypothermia when the body temperature can’t adapt other waves levels. So it can cause blood pressure. Besides it, you are dangerous from the sunburns among the ocean or other water conditions.