Summer is the best time to enjoy water sports outside. Hit your summer vacation and immerse water sports. It brings a perfect summer for you. If you are finding some places for your trip, following this article, we will recommend you top the best places for water sports in the world.

1, Tofino in British Columbia

Located in near Canada, Tofino is a small village on the west coast of Vancouver Island. If you like a place which has wilderness and unique atmosphere for relaxing, Tofino is the most perfect destination.

Tofino is famous for surfing activities. This small village has been received a prized for the best training location of Canadian surfers. It has a naturally beautiful beach with high quality waves which is suitable for surfing.

2, Jaws in Hawaii, USA

Hawaii always is well-known for peaceful and romantic landscape. Jaws is a legendary surfing destination in Hawaii. Jaws is also name as a great shark movie. Waves have both powerful strength and big size, therefore, it looks as if an adventure for surfing at there.

In this place, there are many competitions about water sports held annually. So you feel reliable about quality service as well other water sports at there.

3, Essaouira in Morrocco

Essaouira is called as “windy city” because all directions have border around the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. So visiting Essaouira in summer is perfect to relax with the ocean wind. Estimated that it can provide summer winds between 46 and 65 km/h, even wide sandy beach is over 10 km. Kite-surfing is the best water sport in Essaouira. Various strong winds make object and difficult for your challenge.

Besides enjoying hot water sports, you also discover beauty of Portuguese, Berber and French architecture. It is really a good destination to sweep off your feet.