If you are finding somewhere to enjoy water sports, this article becomes useful for you. The fact that, there are many beautiful places to discover water sports, some special locations have unique beauty and serve for water sports. So you shouldn’t miss it.

4/ Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve in Alaska, USA

Glacier Bay is considered as World Heritage because it brings other value for the human life when it is the home to preserve the flora. Furthermore, it seems the most paradise for water sports, especially paddling.

If you are a fan of padding kayakers, here is your destination. Almost people are overwhelmed by massive glaciers and snowy mountains. These wonderful view makes more interesting to discover this bay. It is also great to get valued experience at the purest nature with rare species and impressive marine fauna.

5/ Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan, USA

Another place in USA for your travel, it is Rocks National Lakeshore. This landscapes seems picturesque with a few powerful waterfalls and colorful cliffs.

It is also well-known with name “Pictured Rocks” because people feel mysterious illusions from the sandstone rocks in shades of brown, bronze, green, orange or red.

If you like trekking in the adventurous awe via water, you can choose Rock National Lakeshore as the best choice.

6/ Rhodes in Greece

Water skiing is the best water sport in Rhodes. As voted, Rhodes Island is often ranked in the top 10 best places for water skiing annually because it has its calm and crystalline waters which almost water skier feel exciting.

Besides it, there is the Aegean Sea surrounding this island so you also try to sail at full speed on the underwater. You also shouldn’t miss the mythological beauty of this landscapes inside the Island.