Surfing is one of the most favorite watersport of all age. However the summer or the winter, many people are interesting in riding breaking waves toward the shore by surfboard. This feeling is really amazing and wonderful when you are enjoying among the large ocean.

There are some other kinds of surfing. We are sharing them as a lot of inspired recommendations to help you to find the best suitable sport.


It is the initial origin of riding waves on the water. It is recognized as a main watersport and added for each international or national championship.

Especially, surfing is considered as a healing therapy for both disabled children and adults. You feel more energetic and funny from surfing.

Tow in Surfing

It is another version of basic surfing. On this sport, you need to use a jet ski to tow line on the water road. Some strong waves make you more difficult and dangerous in your challenge.

Another strong effect of tow in surfing is speed of surfers. You have to move faster and faster speed to overcome extremely large and fast waves.

Kite Surfing

It is the mixture of kiting and surfing. But remember that they are done on the water in the sea. So the combination of the wind and water’s power prevent your strength.

Actually you are really powerful and flexible so you can adjust the kiteboard as your expectation.

Surf Boat Rowing

Boating go along the sea, but it’s not operated by the automatic motor. Power of boating is made in people. They will steer the boat before limitation of large waves.

Another purpose of surf boat rowing is to rescue someone in dangerous surf cases

Surf Pilates

It is a different type compared with others. On this sport, you need to contact your partner to combine small board into stable boards