As a common sense, swimming is the most popular sport for people in over the world. No matter about weather or climate, you still choose swimming every day. Furthermore, swimming is a soft skill when you have to face problems from the water

Because swimming brings many benefits from fitness to physical health and mental, swimming is considered as a perfect exercise for all ages. There are obvious advantages on the surface of swimming as the followings

1.Works your whole body

To swim on the water, you have to use all muscles in the body from head to toe. So, exercising in water only 30 minutes validates about 45 minutes for other activities

By activities on water, it can help you to build up strength and endurance

2.Keep fitness

Swimming is an exercise to keep your body fit. Some people swim to lose weight

Actually, swimming is the best way to burn calories

A report said that swimming can burn equal or more calories than running. Furthermore, it doesn’t make pressure for exerciser, so people feel interesting in swimming

3.Reduce the risk of diseases

By swimming regularly, it can protect cardiovascular and against heart disease, stroke and diabetes

Studies sure that swimming is good for your health

4.Lower stress and more relaxing

The busy life puts you under pressure about job and other relationships. If you swim hard, it can help you to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. In addition, it also improves your sleep better

Another benefit is increasing your energy. It can boost you more relaxing and energy to start job effectively. It is a main reason many people choose swimming in the morning before working. Sure that you feel 200% energy and enjoy the life with positive thinking