Surfing is known as a water sport when you have to ride breaking waves toward the shore on a surfboard. Surfing is popular in the summer along the big beach. You can combine your vacation and playing surfing. Sure that it’s a wonderful summer trip.

Surfing has origin from Hawaii and Polynesia where both men and women practiced it regularly. Then surfing is one of the most famous sport in Hawaii as a tourist destination. Surfing quickly spread to California and Australia as an amazing water sport. In 1990s, surfing officially became a main sport in Olympic games. Development of surfing is close to attempt at steering and shoreward. Whether you are a pro surfer or only starting new skills, you can enjoy this water sport freely and excitedly.

Only by a surfboard and support of strong wave, you can withdraw the fins from the wave or float the board along the top of a breaking wave, even turn the board on the face of the wave.

Surfing Culture
Through surfing, you can discover power and beauty of the marine. It is also good for your health and boost your mind better. So it’s easy to explain why surfing is one of the most favorite water sport with all ages.
Surfing is a source of inspiration for film cinematographers, surf magazines or destination for summer vacation. Can list several specialized surfing magazines like surfer, surfing or surfing world.

Professional Surfing
The sport of surfing has become official through other professional competitions and championships. There are regulations and rules for surfer to comply and practice like length of ride, number of waves caught, activity skill, sportsmanship and rate of grace on the board.
Almost professional surfers can earn money from the rewards or prizes at competitions. Furthermore, they can become star for surfing then moving to models or films.