It’s hard to say who the best excellent athlete of all time is. Depending on feature and rule of per tournament, we can find other talented swimmer. But we can see top the famous swimmer of all time by narrowing down list. No doubt that a few stand-out swimmers are both professional in swimming and effective directly to fans.

We have collected the list of famous swimmer as the following based their innovations, sacrificing for swimming and bringing important changes to swimming over the years.

Please note that the list is update up to 2018 and focused on more multiple Olympic champions.

(PART 1)

1/ Michael Phelps

He had ever broken the all-time record for the most Olympic gold medals with 22 medals overall for his career. He had many rewards and achievements in series of Olympic championships which was the biggest swimming tournament.

One of the most famous achievement is reaching eight gold medals in the 2008 Olympics. Until now he maintains the top.

In addition, he is keeping the record of the 100-meter butterfly, 200-meter butterfly and 400-meter individual medley. No one can overcome his record.

2/ Mark Spitz

He has also known as “Mark the Shark”. In 1972, he won seven gold medals for Munich Olympic game. By this reward, he is in the rank second that athlete hold the most gold medals in an Olympic, only after Michael Phelps.

In 1969, 1971, and 1972, he was honored the best swimmer of the year. In 2018, he has started retirement.

3/ Matt Biond

He only had start swimming professionally when he was a high-school student. He had 11 times to take part in the Olympics championship. He was honored because he sacrificed for pushing the era of true professional swimming.

4/ Bob Bowman

He was known as the man behind the legend because he trained Michael Phelps as one of the most excellent swimmer of all time.

He was named the greatest swimming coach of all time because his instruction and experience for many levels of swimmer through years.