(Part 2 and the conclusion)

5/ Janet Evans


She is one of the best successful woman in swimming. So she also proves that girls or woman can’t reach the top in league compared with boys or man.

When she was 16 years old, she started to learn swimming. To assure her ability, she broke the record in the world in several freestyle categories and reached a champion in a few leagues.

Some reports assured that she deserves as one of the most accomplished female distance swimmers during all the time


6/ Ian Thorpe

He has a funny nickname as Thorpedo. He was a Australian freestyle swimmer. During his career, he reached six gold medals in one world championship and 11 world championship gold.

He is a great symbol in swimming of the Australian.

7/ Debbie Meyer

She was born in American where he had many opportunities to be trained swimming professionally. In the 1968 summer Olympics held in Mexico City, she won three swimming events although she was still a high school student in Sacramento, California.

From the first success, she marked her career with countless gold medals in the next championships. Please note that she maintain the record when she was the first swimmer to win three gold medals in one Olympics.

8/ Dara Torres

She is voted as “Top Female Athletes of the Decade” by Sports Illustrated. She changed the mind or many women in the swimming community.

9/ Fran Crippen

He is a long-distance swimmer. Although he tried to scarify total time for swimming, he had a tragic death that brought attention to the marathon swimming community.

Thanks his death, the regulations were waked up and changed to protect safer for swimmer.

10/ Johnny Weissmuller

He was a swimmer and actor from USA. As publicized, he was one of the best swimmers in the world in the 1920’s with 67 world records in his time.