Water sports include in different types which demand different skill and method. However they are activities in water, especially become more suitable in summer vacation. Imagine that you are so relaxing and fresh in the deep blue water and sometimes cool wind blows your hair. It’s perfect for your trips with water sports

Following the article, will check list all water sports in hot trending, including individual water sports, team water sports and recreational sports

  1. Swimming: Sure that it’s the most popular water sport in the world and with every level of age. You can swim in the swimming pool or lakes or sea. It’s good for health. It’s a great exercise for your body, both fitness and stamina.
  2. Surfing: It means riding in a surfboard and break waves. Your mission is to get balance position on the face of water then control and maintain your position in the longest time
  3. Water skiing. Someone confused with surfing. However, water skiing is riding in the water with ski cable or rope. Skier needs to skim or glide along the surface of the water to become a winner
  4. Wake boarding: it is one of kinds of surfing. You have a partner called high-speed boat. You surf and wakeboard at the same time
  5. Skimboarding: it’s different from surfing by a rider. He uses a skimboard to ride the next wave back to the shore. Usually popular in lakes and rivers
  6. Bodyboarding: rider uses a bodyboard to break the waves
  7. Paddleboarding: rider uses a paddle then surf in the ocean
  8. Cliff diving: it is an amazing water activity. Your main skills is ability to swim in deep waters because you have to dive off a high cliff and into the deep water
  9. Kite surfing: it means surfing on a surfboard and pulled by a kite
  10. Wind surfing: You have to connect surfing and sailing’s skill. Surfer has to move with waves to control the board while he needs also to sail the boat