What are you planning for your summer vacation? Of course it can be enjoying water sports. It is good for health and also refreshes your mind better and relaxing.

Besides traditional water sports like swimming or scuba diving, I want to introduce you a new water sport. It is called body surfing. It brings new experience about the ocean and your strength in the beach. Let’s discover it!


Body surfing is a water sport which use parts on body to control the ocean waves. This feeling is great to overcome and ride bigger and stronger waves among the marine.

The only thing you need to prepare is a bathing suit and then come off the sea. Maybe in the first time, you feel strict to join speed of waves, but after several times, you are familiar with the speed and skill to ride the waves.


There are 3 main ways to ride waves simply.

First, the Windmill: you place one arm in front of yourself whereas you still use the rest to keep waves.

Second, the Handcuffs: it means that you will place your arm straightly in front of yourself and keep your wrists tightly together (like they are marked and tied each other)

Third, the Bullet: It is proper for someone who has little to no hair. You will keep your arms tightly in your side and steer waves by your powerful head.


First, finding a proper beach. Like any sport, when you start to join it, you need a little practice firstly. You should find a beach with a gently-sloping and more wave break. Let try few times to ride waves smoothly.

Second, catching strong wave. When you see a wave you have intention to discover, don’t hesitate to turn your back to it and use your feet to immerse the strong waves. The feeling looks great.